Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ostrich Plume Shawl is finished!

I finished the Ostrich Plume shawl. I cut it very close on the amount of yarn I used. I had about 6 feet of yarn left. Chart a was worked once, chart b (the body portion) 7 times and then chart C from row 1 to row 25 (instead of row 32) because I noticed I was running out of yarn and did the bind off. It would have had 2 more repeats of the ripple at the bottom. It looked very pruney and puckery before blocking. The plumes look puffy and puckered.

Tada! Here is the blocked version, much nicer and smoother. It is 82" wide and 43" long down the center.A close up of the chart b (top) sections as well as the chart c setcion (bottom).

This is the bottom point of the triangle. The towel it is on has cows on it sorry it makes the picture look weird.

The silk was very nice to work with. I think this will make a nice summer shawl.The yarn had a funny smell when I washed it to block it, just as soon as it was wet. Sort of like moth balls or something smelly. Yuck. I hope it doesn't retain that smell when it is dry.

Next on the needles? I am not sure. I am in the process of designing a shawl with "lots of hearts on it" for my DD. She asked me to make her a lacy shawl with the Half Pint Farms Merino/tencel I picked up for her at Stitches. So far though, I only have the cast on, center strip and edging. I am still working on the body of it to try and add more hearts. It is hilarious she loves hearts and pink so much which are some of my least favorite things. Oh well. If it makes her happy. Maye I'll start some Tofutsies socks.


Teenuh said...

Oh how pretty that shawl is! I love the pattern of it. At least I know that it probably isn't a good idea to turn my CTH laceweight into that shawl! :)

HoJo said...

It looks great! The silk does show off the pattern beautifully. Please wear it into the store sometime so I can oooh and ahhh in person