Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Holidays and more duh!

Thanksgiving was swell. For the first time in years it didn't rain in Oregon while we were there. It was however, down right cold, hovering in the teens and night and maxing out in the low 40s in the daytime. I will take cold over rain any day!

I thought for sure, I would come home and find my Knitpicks order sitting on my doorstep. I didn't. I was, um, surprised? I logged in to see when it was shipped and instead of being shipped, it was not being!! As in, someone magically between placing the order and processing the order, it magically disappeared. Now I am going to have to check my credit card statement and see if it got charged twice. After a nice conversation with the woman on the phone my new order will be shipping (who knows when, but it will be shipping for sure) and I will continue waiting for my order to arrive....

Madeira Stole is now at the 4th chart and about 8 inches long. But you cannot see pictures! Why you may ask! Because I somehow managed to BREAK! my camera. At DD's birthday party at the mall (Blush, lunch and Enchanted - What a cute movie!) I snapped a picture then put the camera away. Got it out after the movie and the camera was broken. The lens won't focus. It vibrates and makes a weird noise and takes a blurry picture. This is tragic and fantastic at the same time. Now my Christmas present is a lovely Nikon D40x. Lucky me. Needless to say it will be the ONLY present I am getting this year (and maybe well into next year and past my birthday as well...).

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Man am I dumb!

I lost 2 of my size 2.5 dpns. Now I can't finish my sock. I placed an order and now I am waiting for it..... As an overreaction I bought 2 sets... Silly. So for the time being I am working on my Lynn Curry Madeira Stole. This is the picture from her website. Terrilynn Needle Arts.
This pattern makes me think of little old school houses for some reason... I have cast on and I am about 3 inches in. It is in sport weigh Alpace in black, just like the photo. I bought it as a kit from her at the Bay Area Knitting Co-Op booth at Stitches West. Next week I'll have WAY more time to work on it.

BTW, terrifying news on the triplet front, 3 boys!!! Plus she already has 1 son.... man oh, man oh, man oh man!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I thought this was going to be fun.....

I'm fully involved in co-chairing the book fair. Not having a good time working with my co-chair. We are not getting along. I have lots of time consuming things to do... here is my progress on the embossed leaves socks: 1 sock finished. This sock is awesome, for some magical trick it plays on the eye causes my HUGE foot to look smaller! I think I may make all of my socks with alternately colored toes and heels...I at this point in time have not cast on for the next sock yet. Hopefully, I will get that sock started tomorrow. Looks like I'll be sitting out in the rain for at least an hour watching DS's 3rd Jamboree game, so no knitting then. But alas, we have Monday off and what sounds better than to sleep in and then hide out in the house knitting all day!? So I guess I didn't realize this post posted dated Sunday, which is the day of the Jamboree game not Monday... Ha ha. That evil, midnight turns into another day scam....

Friday, November 02, 2007

Rubber baby buggy bumpers.

I was totally thinking, no one I know is ever going to have anymore kids. It seemed sure that all of my friends are past that now (except one and we are just patiently waiting and hoping for some special day) and it'll just be waiting until our kids have kids... What a foolish person I am... So all of a sudden I know 3 people expecting a total of 5 babies (and I'll give you a clue 2 of them are only expecting 1). So how could I miss the opportunity to knit tiny garments!! You KNOW I can't. Here is experimental cap #1 in self striping Bernat Baby Coordinates

Then super tiny experimental cap #2, cabled with matching booties. It is really preemie sized when I was shooting for newborn size, whoops! 2 of the babies are girls. The other 3 are as yet a mystery. So I was trying to make the pink hat in newborn size. I'll just save it and see if any of the triplets is going to be a girl (they will most surely be preemies) and if not it will go to a tiny head over at Good Sam's NICU. I have also make a more masculine version in blue with alternating rows of cable and knit stitches.
Still working on those embossed leaves socks...