Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Panda Cotton socks are finished.

I finished weaving in the ends early Tuesday afternoon. It has been my only relaxation on a sea of stress. Who wants to take my vacation for me!? Well here they are in all their glory. This yarn is SUPER fantastic! It is so soft and nice to knit with and very stretchy too. The only not fun thing is the ends when you are weaving in the yarn unwinds into the plies and grabs onto itself and tries to make knots left and right and then doesn't want to follow the needle through. Other than that, I would MOST definitely use this yarn over and over and over to make socks.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I won, I won, Ha ha ha!

For years I have grumbled and complained how much we need an air conditioner. I had a friend who did HVAC give us an AWESOME estimate.... no the DH said... we don't need it. Was he ever home then? Nope. He had a lovely air conditioned office to hide in at the hottest part of the day. Now, he works from home. And lo and behold, he's Too hot. Yesterday, he FINALLY decided we did need an air conditioner and we got a portable air conditioner! It was like heaven. I was sleeping on a cool breezy cloud last night (I always have a hard time sleeping when it is any temp over say... 72 degrees. I am so in love with the air conditioner. I sat in my room and knit even! I finished one panda cotton sock and cast on the next one. Should be cranking that puppy right out. Then it will be back to torturing myself working on the jinxed Luna shawl.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

High at 3 pm 102 degrees Fahrenheit with an astounding low of 92 degrees at 8 pm....

Too hot to knit... can't go on. Will try again later....

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I just couldn't wait, so I started a pair of socks with the Panda cotton I picked up at Purlessence on Sunday. Teenuh and I went out for her birthday and we swung by the LYS killing time. I visited the knitters at Boba knit, had a DELICIOUS Peach Ice with infamous Boba in it. Though mine had SO many in it, I was nearly choking to death as I drank the last 4 inches of the liquid in the cup. I may order a half ration of Boba next time, though mine seemed to have more than anyone else's to begin with....

I was very frustrated with the Luna Shawl, after dropping 2 stitches that rapidly grew into a mass of 27 dropped stitches on Saturday. I didn't notice the hole until about 8 rows later and by then it was on a rampage toward the bottom. 3 hours later I ended up ripping back a total of 18 rows. Packed it up and didn't work on it until Sunday, only to not pay attention (talking and knitting after a big mistake, not so good!) and mess up right at the beginning of the row and having to rip back to the start of the row. It was like 8 stitches forward and 10 stitches back, I couldn't make any progress! I was at that point of debating ripping out the whole thing and giving the cursed ball of yarn to some other knitter I didn't like, but couldn't think of anyone in particular. So I set it aside and cranked out a sock. It is very thick, but soft and stretchy and will be ideal during cooler months. The heel is turned there, but you just can't see it. It is a lacy sort of Faux Cable. Unfortunately the way our weather is going we may not see cooler months for 6 + more months, the weather has been so bizarre. It sure was a slow start to summer. Maybe my feet will just sweat in them in the summer... yummy.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Just a taste and an assurance that I am alive and knitting...

Doesn't it just gall you that the Harlot is here in our state, in our wonderful Bay Area nonetheless but so darn far up north that there is no way you could leave early, cross that evil red bridge and see her and get home at anything resembling a reasonable hour (or even an hour in this day) to get up in the morning and go on with life tomorrow!? Bummer. What about us Southies down here!? Don't we count for anything!? Commuknitty or someone (and we all know it isn't going to be the Knitting Room!) needs to get it in gear and book the woman!

Here is the Luna Moth shawl in JoJo land, good stuff.

I am really hating that beige stripe. Odds are though I will probably give this away (I hardly keep anything for myself) so that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

A quick glance at the March Shawl of the Quarter kit. The yarn is 50/50 silk merino and super soft.
I really want to do this project next, but have other things in the queue that need to be done, sooner rather than later. I was lagging in knitting these last couple of days, on Sunday (and those of you who know me know this is entirely possible and sadly most likely to occur with me and any mildly sharp object) I cut my middle finger on the metal edge of a tape dispenser. I got it pretty darn good, it cut deeper than one would think was possible. Then the end of my finger was aching and puffy and had gotten a little bit infected (not enough to warrant a trip to the dr.) So I was mildly incapacitated in my ability to knit. It s...l...o...w...e...d.... me down. Yeah, I know, what a spaz, but if I wasn't a spaz, I wouldn't be me, now would I?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It blogs!!!

I have returned after being held hostage by school volunteering. The teacher appreciation tea came and went, with decorating, cooking, and setting up eating up one day. My children competed in a Tae Kwon Do Tournament at Stanford and had to go to practice 5 times a week. Then dedicated an entire day to being at the tournament. I also co-chaired the book fair and it ate up all of my time: sleeping time, television viewing time, but worst of all knitting time! For an entire week, the book fair sought to drain my life from me, but alas, it lasted only a week and I survived. You will laugh, but not be surprised, when I say that I suckered myself into being next years secretary for the Home and School Club (or PTA for you old skool folk) which I had to take up right away because the outgoing secretary moved to Washington before school let out. Learning the ins and outs of that has been relatively easy but somewhat time consuming.

In between I have found the time to knit a little. My WIP is the Luna Moth Shawl from Elann's free pattern section. Made with Jojoland Harmony (or is it Melody?) lace weight variegated. Pictures soon, I just didn't have time today.

I got my shawl of the quarter kit from Joslyn's Fiber Farm, it is wonderful and green and lovely 50/50 silk merino yarn. I can't wait to knit it. Pictures of this soon too...

So now I will leave you with something amazingly precious and cute.

Cowboy Spirit Day at school.