Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It blogs!!!

I have returned after being held hostage by school volunteering. The teacher appreciation tea came and went, with decorating, cooking, and setting up eating up one day. My children competed in a Tae Kwon Do Tournament at Stanford and had to go to practice 5 times a week. Then dedicated an entire day to being at the tournament. I also co-chaired the book fair and it ate up all of my time: sleeping time, television viewing time, but worst of all knitting time! For an entire week, the book fair sought to drain my life from me, but alas, it lasted only a week and I survived. You will laugh, but not be surprised, when I say that I suckered myself into being next years secretary for the Home and School Club (or PTA for you old skool folk) which I had to take up right away because the outgoing secretary moved to Washington before school let out. Learning the ins and outs of that has been relatively easy but somewhat time consuming.

In between I have found the time to knit a little. My WIP is the Luna Moth Shawl from Elann's free pattern section. Made with Jojoland Harmony (or is it Melody?) lace weight variegated. Pictures soon, I just didn't have time today.

I got my shawl of the quarter kit from Joslyn's Fiber Farm, it is wonderful and green and lovely 50/50 silk merino yarn. I can't wait to knit it. Pictures of this soon too...

So now I will leave you with something amazingly precious and cute.

Cowboy Spirit Day at school.

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Teenuh said...

Oh man, how stinking cute are those pictures. Adorable!

I was wondering what was eating your time up. Yikes. I am totally laughing about the PTA thing. I'm going to have to dig out that Harper Valley PTA song for you. haha