Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Holidays and more duh!

Thanksgiving was swell. For the first time in years it didn't rain in Oregon while we were there. It was however, down right cold, hovering in the teens and night and maxing out in the low 40s in the daytime. I will take cold over rain any day!

I thought for sure, I would come home and find my Knitpicks order sitting on my doorstep. I didn't. I was, um, surprised? I logged in to see when it was shipped and instead of being shipped, it was not being!! As in, someone magically between placing the order and processing the order, it magically disappeared. Now I am going to have to check my credit card statement and see if it got charged twice. After a nice conversation with the woman on the phone my new order will be shipping (who knows when, but it will be shipping for sure) and I will continue waiting for my order to arrive....

Madeira Stole is now at the 4th chart and about 8 inches long. But you cannot see pictures! Why you may ask! Because I somehow managed to BREAK! my camera. At DD's birthday party at the mall (Blush, lunch and Enchanted - What a cute movie!) I snapped a picture then put the camera away. Got it out after the movie and the camera was broken. The lens won't focus. It vibrates and makes a weird noise and takes a blurry picture. This is tragic and fantastic at the same time. Now my Christmas present is a lovely Nikon D40x. Lucky me. Needless to say it will be the ONLY present I am getting this year (and maybe well into next year and past my birthday as well...).

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