Thursday, November 15, 2007

Man am I dumb!

I lost 2 of my size 2.5 dpns. Now I can't finish my sock. I placed an order and now I am waiting for it..... As an overreaction I bought 2 sets... Silly. So for the time being I am working on my Lynn Curry Madeira Stole. This is the picture from her website. Terrilynn Needle Arts.
This pattern makes me think of little old school houses for some reason... I have cast on and I am about 3 inches in. It is in sport weigh Alpace in black, just like the photo. I bought it as a kit from her at the Bay Area Knitting Co-Op booth at Stitches West. Next week I'll have WAY more time to work on it.

BTW, terrifying news on the triplet front, 3 boys!!! Plus she already has 1 son.... man oh, man oh, man oh man!

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Teenuh said...

Wow, that is a lot of boys! I know a consultant at HMC that has 4 boys, 2 of which are twins. She rules that house with an iron fist! Could you imagine 3 of your DS? Or 4?! >.<