Friday, October 05, 2007

Kaffe Fasset Chevron socks are finished. I finished them up last night after I got home at 10:30pm. I was a little wired up from drinking a caffeinated Diet Coke (and my husband was snoring like a 3 foot chain saw) so I watched a couple of my recorded CSI (and CSI NY) episodes and finished the sock up. They are a perfect match and I am as pleased as punch about that.

The "bag of lies" scarf as I have referred to it, is now 1/2 way finished, I reached the half way point on Wednesday night. Sorry no pics, it didn't occur to me for some reason to take a picture of it as I was working on it. It is quite short and (blogless) Melissa has suggest it become an ascot *smirk*! Teenuh finally received the new sock Pixie yarn and she took pictures of it! It looks SO yummy great! I can hardly wait to get my paws on it!!! Forget this weekend Tennuh, I'm coming over now!


Teenuh said...

Oh dude, those socks are gorgeous!! I totally figured you would come running over for the yarn when you saw the pics! And hubby's in Santa Cruz until Tuesday, bring your sombrero baby, it's time for some Mexico action! Woo woo.

Juls said...

socks look great! I admit, was not crazy about the yarn in the store, but your FO makes the yarn yummy.