Sunday, February 10, 2008

Apparently I was jumping the gun on my worries about the amount of yarn I am using. How foolish I was, forgetting that the majority of yarn use occurs in the last rows. I seem to have used a much more reasonable percentage of the yarn than I thought I was going to. I am now working on chart I. I have caught back up to where I noticed the mistake at and passed it by a couple of rows.

My mom and sister went to the Friends of the Library book sale on Saturday and picked up knitting book for me that they argued over buying. My mom said I wouldn't make any of the sweaters and it was a waste of money. My sister argued that there was cool stuff in there and it didn't cost much so just buy the darn thing. They stuffed it into the bag and bought it (as much as you could fit in the bag for $5) and ended up paying about $0.25 for the thing. Turns out it's this book: Tudor Roses by Alice Starmore A very precious out of print knitting book! Can you believe it!? Just the 2 days ago I was looking at another Ravler's Elizabeth I and thinking it was a pretty pattern as well as looking at the other patterns from the book. Funny how the world works. My mom and sister were quite surprised to find out how much it was worth!

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Teenuh said...

Wow! What a find!