Friday, April 11, 2008

SO done and with time to spare!

I finished Icarus on Wednesday night. The last bead was slipped on and the last stitch cast off! It is now drying on my living room floor. This shawl was another tight fit on my tiny living room floor. There was hardly enough room for me to crawl aroundit and pin it down. So it is looking very red and flat and beady lying there. It will be wrapped and packed and ready for giving away on next Tuesday. The beads (about 100g) added quite a bit of weight on to it. It gives it a lot more drape. I added a bead to every single cast off stitch as I was casting them off. The bottom edge probably used about 40 g of the beads. I hope my mom will like it!


Teenuh said...

Oh dude, it's gorgeous.

Massagem said...

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