Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A little late in joining the game but...


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

+ = yes, - = no: Apparently, my greatest failure is ...

-Asks husband's opinions regarding important decisions and purchases.
+Corrects husband's speech or actions before others. (With my husband, who wouldn't!? One can only take so much innuendo...)
-Laughs at husband's jokes and his clowning. (It only encourages him...)
+Doesn't want to get up to prepare breakfast. (Is this really so bad?)
+Frequently exceeds her allowance or family budget. (um, yarn anyone?)
-Likes to vacation with husband. (and you wouldn't either...)
-Often comments on husband's strength and masculinity. (who does this?)
+Puts her cold feet on husband at night to warm them. (That's what he's there for right?)
+Slow in coming to bed--delays til husband is almost asleep.(the foot thing works better that way!)
+Tells risque or vulgar stories. (Where's the fun in life!?)
+Uses slang or profanity. ('the fuck is wrong with that?)
+Wears red nail polish. (Save me I am a whore!)

Good thing that it didn't go much farther than that. I can't imagine how I'd score if it asked about other things....

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Teenuh said...

lol you're a better 1930's wife than I am!