Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I am having a serious commitment issue.

I can usually start a project and stick with it until I have finished. But lately I have serious starteritis! Sock monkey #3 DD's monkey is as finished as she can be. She has no ears and no tail but that will have to sit until the wonderful woman who is trading yarn with me sends me her skein of that darn Cascade Sierra Quatro that I need!

So in the mean time I have knit 2 rows on my Heartland shawl and have started a new set of Froot Loop Socks (which will heretofor be known as Flaming Froot Loops). Now I am eyeballing starting yet another shawl. I was also walking around with a blanket pattern in my hand, not 5 minutes ago.

So I need to nip this little problem in the bud by first admitting I have a problem.

Or by knitting faster....

1 comment:

Mary said...

All those wonderful patterns call you don't they? hehe