Saturday, January 31, 2009

Um, yeah. I can blog.
I have been kind of busy. So, we had my DD's birthday, Thanksgiving, ms DS's birthday, my DH's birthday ( a big party for his 40th), my Mom and Dad's anniversary, Christmas, then New years, then back to school. My DS got a severe ankle sprain playing at school and spent 3 weeks on Crutches, went to get his foot looked at again and got Strep throat. Now his foot seems to be bothering him still, so back to the Doctor! I have been busy teaching Art Vistas and running kids around! This year is already flying by and I am still trying to adapt to writing 2009 on things. Damn!

I have been busy and lazy to boot. I have so many finished things to show you! Well, okay, no so many, but a few! Here is my mom on Christmas Day, the joyful recipient of the small pair of top down Froot Loops that just happened to end up being her size. One might think she trimmed to balls to make them her size...

Whatever happened to that Heartland shawl? Well here it is!It came out wonderfully. Made of lovely Handmaiden Seasilk in the Glacier color way. I blocked it out at 4:30am December 23 ( I knew I would need to be wrapping on December 24 so I stayed up all knit to finish it, weave in ends and block it.) Here it is pictured pinned to the floor at 5 am... Where, you may ask, are the pictures taken of the happy recipient, my MIL? Well, I will tell you, there are none! Why, you may ask. because it is the last goddamned knitted thing SHE is getting from me. She opened the bag, took it out, partially unfolded it, said "oh, thanks Ang, it is pretty." then folded it back up and stuffed in in the bag. Didn't throw it on, or spread it out. NOTHING! SO off the list!

On the more selfish side of knitting, I made a pair of Winter Twilight Mitts (interweave free pattern). The black yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock and the colored yarn is a skein of
Lana Grossa Meilenweit Mega Boots Stretch in colorway 504. All of that perfect color is just from one skein without cutting to change the transitions (well the first one anyway). It was just perfect. There was a LOT of drama involved in making them, which I will spare you here, (you can read about it on Ravelry if you are that desperate to know) and just show off. The second mitten had to be cut and matched because the transition to that last dark color was not fast enough to match the first mitt. It still is not exact but fairly close, as I had to rip back about 15 rows, cut the yarn and splice it to ease the transition in because a world with out nearly perfectly matching mitts is not a world I am prepared to live in. Notice there are no 2 handed shots as I am unable to hold the camera and photograph my own two hands. I really love these!

What is on the needles now? A pair of vanilla toeup socks for DD made from this: I seem to have love affair with the Lana Grossa. Progress at this point is to the bottom of the arch of her foot. I was thinking of making them tall socks, I will have to see how long I can make them before I run out of yarn. Of course, I have to account for matching those stripes!

Also currently on the needles is a Laminaria knitted with this Claudia Silk 10/2 in the colorway Ocean Depth. This skein is a very dark and intense version of it. Janet commented that it wakes you up! I really LOVE this pattern, it is written nicely and knits up quickly, with the random happenstance that sometimes I can't seem to count to nine. I have tried for about a year to find another skein in a similar depth and shade of color but all of the other Ocean Depths that I have found have been a far lighter tint that looks very faded. Out of despair for never locating another ball, I just decided to bite the bullet and use it. Teenuh is so proud that I have used TWO different balls of my MOST PRECIOUS stash to make things. And in return I am just glad Teenuh is alive!

Oh, also I have been busy because.....
I got a new puppy! Her name is Marley, she is now 4 months old, but in this pic is about 3 and a half months old. She is, quite hysterically, half Chihuahua (mom) and half Golden Retriever (dad). Picture the physics on that. She looks much like a Lab pup, but she has a longish looking body and the stumpiest legs you have ever seen! They are so short and fat. She is naughty and cute and fun. I am working at training her, it is hard work as there are 3 other people in the house who work hard at untraining her. She is nearly housebroken and has already learned sit and down and NO! What fun!

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Melissa said...

Your puppy is sooooo cute! Does she like to play with other dogs? We should have a puppy play date!