Saturday, September 23, 2006

I have finished the sleeves on the baby sweater for the layetter, pics to follow soon. It is raglan, so the sleeves really aren't finished, just ready to join. It is coming out quite nicely.

I picked up some Patons Wool Merino. I am hoping to make a nice felted bag but I am having trouble finding a bag I actually want to make. I don't know what I was thinking abou when I bought that yarn, I just got all caught up in the moment, me and the yarn in the aisle of the store and the money in my pocket just sitting there burning. Something lustful in my mind just snapped, " Oh I know I'll make a felted bag, yeah that's it!! What a great idea." Things really should have been thought out more carefully. I am thinking the Icarus shawl would look good in some Maroon/purpley alpaca lace wieght I have but I really need to try and focus things have to get done in order right? I really am not one of those poeple with the half finished projects all hiding in the closet or on the shelf. I finish what I start (even if it takes 5 months) Or I tear it apart and wind it back in to balls. What's the point right? Keeping all the stuff sitting there, a hideous thing that was popular in 1981, that style will never come back again (we hope) so unwind that precious yarn and turn it into something Fabulous!! Then you won't have all that, unfinished guilt. I just need someplace new to start hiding my stash. The hubby is eyeing that bag of Patons suspisiously like maybe somewhere in that brain of his that never has the time of day for any kind of yarn talk what-so-ever he has some ability to recognize new materials added to the stash. Figures right? The one thing he'd notice is the one thing I would like him to not notice.....
I am off to a craft night at a friend's house where hopefully I will crank right through the rest of this baby sweater.

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