Sunday, April 15, 2007

Several weeks with no post. These have been crappy times. My FIL. A kind and patient man who was so full of life, had a massive stroke, spent 5 days in a coma and went gently into the good night on April 1st. We buried him on April 9th. Life was chaotic for a while. Now it is as back to normal as it is going to get without him in our lives.

On a brighter note. Today was my mom's birthday and she received the Ostrich Plume shawl and a pair of Queen of Cups socks knit in Knitpicks bare Kool Aid dyed by me. They were a perfect fit for her foot. She then humorously posed with her shawl and her new socks on the lawn. A neighbor walking by with her two dogs asked what we were doing and if I was taking photography. We all had to laugh and tell her I was taking pictures of feet because I had knit the socks. She looked at us a little warily smiled and walked on her merry way. My sister also wanted her feet photographed in the socks I made for her a while back that never made the website. My whole family loves to make fun of me taking pictures of feet or whatever but they are quick to run outside and pose. Hillarious. Tomorrow back to the grind. At least I am looking forward to Bunco this week.

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Teenuh said...

Cute pics! I was wondering when you were going to stop being a goober and posting these. :)

I like your sister's socks. They are cute. And I think I might have to do the cups socks too, I really like how that looks. I just have to toss my crappy wool away and start on something fantastic!