Friday, August 11, 2006

I started a nice muted colored log cabin blanket in Lion Brand Cool Wool on Wednesday and it has been just flying by. Although now it is starting to get very heavy and hard to knit, it really weighs a ton. The colors all co-ordinate nicely. I think I am going to make it afghan size and give it to my dad for his birthday in September (maybe).

My wonderful Knitpicks yarn order arrived in my mailbox yesterday. 8 skeins of yummy soft Midnight Alpaca cloud, 2 skeins of undyed fingering superwash, very soft, a some tweed hopefully to make that super cute sock monkey hat from Knitty. It is ridiculous, but no genuine monkey collector should be without, right? Now I can finally get back to work on my giant circular project. I started row 229, so just 29 more rows to go and the Project of Doom will be complete. I can hardly wait, but it seems the close I get to finishing, the more stitches I drop. Must be some Freudian project sabatoge going on. I must not really want this thing to be done. Maybe it is just that I know when it is done I won't have any place to wear it and I will be wearing it with like jeans and a t-shirt or at dressed to the nines in a 3/4 sleeve t-shirt and peasant skirt with flip flops!? I will be such a vision of elegance and style....

Well enought wasting time here, I have to get knitting. I just realized what the perfect project is for some baby yarn I bought 2 months ago. I'm really running out of time, their baby is due in November (ha ha that means I still loads of time right!! what's the hurry? where's the fire!?)

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