Friday, August 04, 2006

My very first blog attempt.

Well, this is my very first attempt at chronicling knitting. I suppose I should have started sooner then maybe I'd have some idea of how long things really took me, even just a written journal would have worked wouldn't it?

My current project is just nearing completion when I unzip my stash bag that should (or at least in my head) contain about 4 more skeins of my beloved Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud in midnight and realize there is only one left! What? Where did it go?? I could not possibly have used 8 - 440 yd skeins of lace weight already. Could I? That is an astounding 3520 YARDS of yarn. 10,560 feet. Mind boggling. All on size 2 needles. What on Earth are you making with such insanity you ask? The "Sun Ray" design dinner cloth from Marianne Kinzel First Book of Modern Knitting, with intent as wearing it as a circular shawl, because who in their right mind would eat off of something that took so many days of their life to make only to have their children drip ketchup on it or grind rice into its tender fibers?? Begun on April 20, 2005 I now have only 37 rows to completion and now have to sit and wait for the knitting gods to expedite my shipment of yarn to me. How long must I wait!!! Sadly it dangles on the circular needle appearing as the worlds largest Rastafarian hat, a deflated jelly fish sail,a shapeless blob that compels my mother to repeatedly state "that will NEVER look like that nice flat lace we saw, that is all crumpled and wrinkly." Staring at the shapeless blob and waiting for the yarn to come I can feel blood vessels popping in my head. If I quit now I will never pick it up again.

I have since beginning it, put it down to make no less than 3 pair of socks, a childs sweater and a baby blanket. I can hear all the other yarn calling to me, "what about me? Make me, use me, forget that old crumpled thing." I am tempted. Please UPS man, bring me my box!!!!!

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