Saturday, August 05, 2006

So of course. What else would have happened? I pick up my knitting and begin working around, having worked the previous 8 rounds or so away from home, and begin counting stitches, working the pattern. But, what is this? This repeat has too many stitches!? Where did these extra 2 stitches come from? I trace them down and down and down and finally spot the exact moment of their occurence. Can you guess? Yes of course, I have failed to slip 2 (not just 1 but 2) stitches off the needle in this repeat section an have knit into both of them twice and of course each of these erroneous stitches is located a full 17 stitches apart!!

Why on Earth did I not notice this giant FLAW, this horendous glitch in my counting until a full 9 rows past the mistake. Ah yes, you see I made the mistake at home, knitting away with no distractions, only to gloss over said mistake 8 (YES 8!!) whole times before coming to realize this mistake. I spend the next hour pinning this evil work to a nice flat contrasting pillow and unwinding 18 stitches row by row wild yarn pinned to the pillow in an imitation of two sinister black rainbows arching over my rapidly dwindling work. Pick and pin, pick and pin. Sorry I didn't think in my addled mind to take a picture.

After just an hour and 20 minutes of pulling out those stitches I am ready to reknit back to the top. I spend 10 minutes (yes, it is 2:30 AM and taking me quite a lot longer to think than other times in the day) trying to figure out where I am in the pattern and finally resume my work. Crochet hook in hand lifting stitches. Passing over, yarning over. I carefully count each stitch on the row. AT LAST at just about 3 am I reach the last stitch on the top row. *Sigh of relief* I have corrected this egregious error. Life can go on. Sanity is restored. Except now I have to smooth out the really fantastic ladder in the work this repair has created. Upon finishing I gleefully cheer and yank my circular needle from which my stitches precariously hang pulling of 8 stitches. I rapidly slip them back on managing fortunately not losing any runners. This is clearly an omen. It must be time to put this knitting down and go to bed.

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