Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I distinctly heard HOOPLAH!

Valentines hooplah. What is all the fuss about? I totally didn't buy any cards or even MAKE any cards this year. WTG. Called Grandma and Grandpa wished them a happy 58th anniversary. Gave DH Snakes on a Plane and a giant box of his fave Rocher. Gave the kiddies gifts. Gave mom roses. Gave Sister some roses. Though she's probably the one who needed something the most because when it rains it pours. Her house was burglarized Sunday night (the day she found out her best friend died). Her stupid separated husband is having health problems of some mysterious sort. Though I am routing for the side of mystery. Tough times.

I have been knitting deprived. DD has been sick for 5 days now and worsen in the last 3 days to a point that I am getting NO sleep and I had no time to knit today. Though I did have to go and buy 2 more tubes of the beads for the Falling Leaves shawl. I believe it will use all both of those tubes and probably want for more, but I bought the last 2 the store had in stock. Once again I told myself I was stupid stupid stupid for picking beads that were $6.95 a tube instead of the rest that were $2.95 or $3.30 AND came with more beads in each tube (simply because they are not as fat, yet the bore is the same size). These were NICE though. Look at them, they glisten like golden drops of sunlit dew sparkling on a leaf. They are fat and round and lusciously golden. I just know I made the right choice, even if my wallet is starting to hurt....

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Teenuh said...

Those beads are beeeeeeauuuuutiiiiiiiful!! That shawl looks so amazing, I can't wait to see it in person.

At least you didn't spend Valentine's Day with the stomach flu..