Tuesday, February 20, 2007

So here it is, the Super New and Improved Beading Wire Device!!!! *bounce bounce bounce*

I purchased some memory wire and spent quite a bit of time tormenting and torturing this wire into the correct spiral shape I desired. It was MUCH harder to bend into a hook on the working end and a loop on the terminus. It took 2 pairs of pliers and much force to make this wire comply. It works much better though, it doesn't bend out of shape and hold the beads quite nicely. You can see the spiral is much tighter. I have made the wire quite a bit longer since the memory wire holds its nice spiral shape and it doesn't ever flop around. I should have put a ruler in the picture for scale. It is about 2 inches across (with a radius of 1"). I am much more pleased with the results. I will probably make some more. I gave Teenuh some wire to make herself one too since she bought beads on Saturday too. Although, when it comes down to it, she'll probably bring the wire over and I will twist it into shape anyway. I don't know if she has pliers. Overall though it took me about 45 minutes to force the wire into submission whereas the first soft floral wire took me all of like 3 minutes to make. In the long run though, the stronger wire will pay off with lasting effectiveness.

Yipee skipee just about 58 hours until Stitches. Buying yarn may be my favorite part of knitting. I LOVE the hunt.


Teenuh said...

Oh those beads are so pretty all spiraled up like that. I will figure out the bending thing once I figure out what to do with the beads! (I have some pliers, not sure though if they will do exactly what I need them to do for this however)

Julia said...

ooh, I bought the twisted sisters beaded scarf kit. It came with a copper wire to string onto the yarn. Can you give a tutorial some time on bead knitting?