Friday, July 13, 2007

Surprisingly I got right into the Adobe file for the MS3 Clue 3 with no problems and got my pages downloaded and printed out. No huge lag, no mad rush of 6,000 people, what a relief.

So what a dork am I!? I just realized that I never posted pics of my custom needles and markers that I ordered from Scary Merry. The arrived the day before I left for Hawaii so I never had time, but duh, I should have done it as soon as I got home right? I stumbled onto her super nifty cool designs on Myspace (check out her pics it has all her work) of all places and promptly friended her and asked her to make me a of Corpse Bride needles. They are SOOO wonderful. I just need to make something that fits on straights and uses a size 6 needles so I can show them off. Ugh I am SO in love with them! She makes SO many cool things. I just want to sit around and fondle them.... You can see they are tiny (that's a dime for size reference) but SUPER detailed. Such excellent work! I was thinking of ordering some custom needles for someone special for maybe Christmas or her birthday(which just passed), but I couldn't decide what she might like best... Everything she does is so good how could you pick?!

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Teenuh said...

Oh holy cow, those are so awesome!! Hmm size 6 needles.. I think you need to knit some dishcloths!! haha :)