Saturday, July 07, 2007

Where on earth did I go again!?

I missed you all dear blogging friends! 2 weeks on Maui sure went fast! I can't believe how the time flew and I barely had any time to knit. With the exception of the airplane ride, I think I only found like 4 chances to pick up my knitting so not much progress was made on the Luna Shawl, maybe about 30 rows and I didn't manage to coerce any of my family members into taking pics of me knitting at the beach (they thought I was a super dork) or sitting at the mall waiting for my mom, or sitting in my Grandparent's house...

I was happy when I got home though, because the Mystery Stole 3, KAL had begun and I had some catching up to do! I am using the Alpaca Clouds from Knitpicks in the midnight colorway on size 4 needles. I am using iridescent black glass beads in size 6. It was started earlier this evening and I stopped for the evening on row 70, so I am nearly done with clue 1 (to row 100). Clue 2 goes to row 150 and the next clue comes next Friday so I am nearly back on track with the releases!

Someday I will post pictures of those Panda Cotton socks and the progress on the Luna shawl. Once I get caught up with MS3 I can work both at the same time.

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Teenuh said...

Hooray! You're back!

I know it was only 2 weeks, but it always feels so much longer when you're gone!

I got my yarn for MS3 but I think I've been hesitant to cast on. I got some Yarn Place Gentle for mine and I'm uncertain if I want to use it single stranded or double. I guess I'm just not used to that fine of a yarn!! I think I'm panicking. haha At least I knit a swatch last night!