Saturday, July 14, 2007

Yahoo! MS3 clue #3 finished. This is a shot of only the newest portion. This one went quick. It was fairly repetitious and just cranked off the needles, it was very similar to clue 2 and the pattern was fairly obvious in that you could see if you'd made a mistake as soon as you reached those diagonal lines traversing the stole. Here it is in its entirety still not blocked at all. My edges LOVE to curl under, I'll probably have to starch the edges a little bit when I block it. The only bummer now is that I am done for a WHOLE week. I should have taken my time... savored it a little. The next week will be a challenge, do I knit first or read my Harry Potter book. They'll both probably take about the same amount of time (well okay, the book will probably take me about an hour more than the knitting) How do I decide!? I guess if my Amazon shipment doesn't arrive before the clue is posted, that will decide for me, won't it!?

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Teenuh said...

I am stinking at knitting this. I have to get back to it. I'm still needing to start the second chart on the first clue!!