Thursday, August 16, 2007

Big blog backup....
All caused by a new computer. I got a new computer on Sunday. So I couldn't download my pics until it was set up, but first I had to take hours saving stuff from my old computer. 15 cds worth of mp3's. 10 cd's of photos... Documents etc... All removed from the old computer. Then the new computer was installed, new flat panel lcd monitor set up. Computer turned on. Set up took ages. It wasn't done until Monday evening. Loading drivers for all my usb gadgets, printers, camera's mp3 players, etc. So, Monday night the computer hibernates. Tuesday morning, it is in a coma. Won't turn back on. We punch every button, push every key. FINALLY, about 30 minutes later it wakes up. Tuesday I check my email. install most of my versions of Sims 2 and feel good to go. check my email , turn off the computer, and go to bed. Wednesday morning. NEW COMPUTER DOESN'T WORK!! Dead as a doorknob and utterly useless. A giant paper weight. We spend 2 hours trying to get it booted up so I can at least remove all of my data from it. But NO, it won't cooperate. So we end up returning it to the store with all my passwords and logins and bookmarks and document files saved on the damned hard drive that we can't get into. New computer came home on Wednesday afternoon and has for the last 24 hours performed perfectly.

I have all my programs installed now except one. Photoshop. As soon as I find my disc, I can download and upload photos. The blog should be back on track. Today's thrilling action? Washimg more of the wool and working on Mystery Stole 3 clue 6. Busy weekends and the beginning of soccer season has already cut into my knitting time!!

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