Sunday, August 05, 2007

Clue5 finished!

Today we had a mini reunion (6 families) with my Las Madres playgroup. We haven't seen most of the kids in 1.5 - 2 years. It was really amazing how much the children had grown and changed and how little all the moms and dads had changed (although we all seemed to have done a fine job of growing at least a little fatter, myself, of course included.) It was really great to be reunited with old friends again, it makes you realize how much you miss them! Time was spent at the park, chatting and taking pictures, so not much knitting was done. Though I did manage to finish clue 5 today...

I am not sure about this whole "wing" thing. The last time people were so excited about wings was when they added them to maxi pads, now 6,000+ knitters can't stop talking about them. My view on the wings : I thought the point of this Mystery Stole exercise was to trust the designer. To blindly and faithfully follow a pattern that would result in something satisfactorily beautiful. So I have proceeded to make this wing. Looking at it as it is, it seems, suspiciously odd. More like the one winged Swan Prince of Hans Christian Anderson's The Wild Swans story than the Swans of Swan lake. I will however work the entire thing and upon completion of clue number 7, decide whether said wing stays or goes. Perhaps this wing will be SO magnificent and SO spectacular, I will want to rip off the front end of the shawl and attach a wing to the other side! Or maybe I will knit clues 5, 6 and 7, have some sort of epiphany and tear the damn wing off and repeat clues 1-4 to kitchener stitch it together, fortunately I am right handed so I am able to do this! We'll see what the future brings. or maybe I'll just hate it and give it away to someone else. That always works good. (Teachers at christmas? Mothers in Law? Friends who don't knit? Small people I know with really bad taste?) Well, I apologize that I haven't taken a picture of it yet. I'll try to do that in the next day or so. It is worth mentioning that both Teenuh and I have chosen the side of EVIL!!! in choosing the color of Odile instead of Odette. Although the fact of the matter is many of the knitters (older or not) knitting this project picked on the side of white, simply because they could see the stitches better (without having to bring in high powered lights and a 100x's magnification lens) than they could with black and I have nothing white in my entire stash.

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Juls said...

what would it say about me if I knit it red? I've got no white or black in the stash!!