Thursday, August 09, 2007

On wings and other things.

Well, I have stared at the wing for 2 days now. Waiting for clue 6. I don't like the transition from clue 4 to clue 5. An error was announced on the beading schema where there are 2 more rows than there should have been between beads. I noticed this, but thought it must have been part of the transition plan. Turns out it wasn't. I am trying to get over it. Looking at what I have now... I am guessing I may complete the wing then will probably decide that I hate it and will rip back and duplicate the left side. I am really liking the feather pattern for the wing though. I think I might flip it and do 2 sides and join it together or Do a magic toe type center and knit out from a center line. Although I believe that Melanie is attempting to design a 2 winged shawl at this point.

I finished DS's socks. I was nearly done by the time I left Boba knits on Sunday. Somehow the ankle on sock 2 didn't come out perfectly matched (it was in fact, horribly unmatched, being 2 WHOLE color stripes off from sock 1) . Later that evening when I reached the top and was about to cast off I decided I couldn't stand the imperfection and I ripped back to the beginning of the heel. To my surprise I discovered that I had actually goofed on the heel and had pulled in 4 stitches from needle 1 resulting in 4 more rows than necessary. Upon reknitting I found that I was now 1 gray row off from a perfect match to sock 1. Sock 2 has 2 rows of light gray (left sock) and sock 1 has 1 row(right sock). So I ripped back again and reknit. It still came up with 2 rows. I tried one more time (you see where this obsessive compulsive thing becomes a problem...) came up again with 2 light gray rows and finally threw in the towel. It will just have to be 2 stripes of light gray. I reknit the sock up to the top counting rows, and gee what a surprise, I am 1 row shorter at the top on the dark gray stripe. I tried adding another row, but somehow, 1 row to my twisted mind made the sock appear longer... I know, how could 1 tiny row on size 2 needles make any difference. I decided since it was already mismatched, just go for broke and have the top off by 1 row too right? Well, here they are in all of their imperfect glory....

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Teenuh said...

You make me nuts with your one row being off. HahaH. Love the socks, they are awesome.