Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I am down to the last repeat of the Tenderheart Shawl. So only about 20 rows to go. Just as I am nearing the home stretch, it occurs to me that I should probably put some nice lace edge on it, instead of the 3 row wide garter stitch I was going to finish it in (like the rest of the shawl). Now I can't decide. Boogers. That is all I have to say, and every time my precious daughter catches me knitting my KF sock, she glares and at and says, "Well, where is MY shawl, huh? When are you going to finish or are you just going to keep making socks for YOURSELF!?" Man, being guilt tripped by a child. Yeah, so what if I started this months ago and it is taking me ages to finish something pretty small and everything else I do is done is 2 months or less. What's the problem? Sheesh, slave driver.

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Teenuh said...

lol she is so sassy.