Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Well, it took long enough, but DD's Tender Heart Shawl is finally finished. Helen's Halfpint Farms Sock (superwash and tencel) 540 yds. purchased at Stitches West. I had about 6 feet of yarn left over when I was finished. It is worked from the top center out. With columns of hearts running outward and garter stitch columns in between. The finished size is much larger than I thought it was going to be (my guess was 35"x15"), 52" wide by 23" long and I didn't even do a hard block, I did a pretty soft block. I am always thrown off by how much lacy things grow when they are blocked. It is going to be pretty big for her, but at least she can wear it for a while without out growing it, she can wear it until she gets tired of it, or refuses to wear hearts or bright colors anymore. Which probably will be sooner than I would hope. *sob, sob*The bright pictures show the actual color, the darker, salmon colored pictures are just my camera not cooperating and my photoshop isn't working so I couldn't correct the color! This is definitely some of the brightest yarn I have ever seen. Once I finally got my pattern worked out this was very easy to make. In theory I think this shawl could be cranked out in like a week if you worked at it industriously and didn't goof off at the beginning hoping the pattern was right and then dawdle at the end trying to figure out what kind of edging you were putting on the bottom. I spent a week approaching the end and trying to decide if I should put a chevron type edge, or a lacy edge, or a rounded edge, or fringe, and finally when I thought I had decided I notice that I hardly had any yarn left and the only edge I could do was the one that matched the rest of the edging with the yo's and the garter stitch rows. If I had paid any attention sooner, I wouldn't have wasted the time thinking about it! BTW, DD is already in bed and she didn't see it when it was blocking, so she doesn't even know it is done yet. I suppose I'll let you know what she thinks of it later on.... Cross your fingers!

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Teenuh said...

Awesome! I can't wait to see it in person. I got excited for you when I saw the pix show up in my photostream on Flickr today!