Monday, September 10, 2007

Too busy to knit!??!!

I didn't knit a stitch all weekend! Friday after school was Rehersal for BIL's wedding. It was long and ran over and the 7:30 rehersal dinner at Uncle Chongs (EVIL!!) Chinese Restaurant didn't start serving food until freakin' 8:45 at which point a bowl of warmish dishwater soup was served to the crew of 100 people waiting. 20 minutes later the next dish came out. We had early soccer games on Saturday (9am game time + arriving early to warm up + field set up = 8:15 am field arrival time = leaving the house at 8 am = getting up at 6:45 and getting the kids up by 7:20 am) so needlesss to say by the time the 3rd dish came out (9:15pm) I had convinced the kids to eat their fill of what was there and was packing up to leave. We drove back home from Union City, brushed the kids teeth and tucked them in a meer 2.5 hours after bedtime.

Get up early. Game on. Both teams played exciting action filled games. I had the grandparents RUSH DD home and get her in the shower while I reminded the team about photo day and packed up the game gear. I get home, shower fast, get dressed fast (well okay I took 10 minutes to put on my panty hose, but it isn't easy with the socks over my hands and I only had 2 pairs and couldn't afford to rip them and have to put on another pair). 20 minutes after arriving at home, I have showered, dressed and styled my hair, I pack up DD and take her to Blush at the mall for a makeover, where they try to tell me I got bumped out of my appointment for not prepaying the day before when I called in for the fucking appointment!? Why the hell do they have appointments if they don't honor them and they don't tell you when you call the day before for an appointment that you have to prepay that day or lose your spot? So when I almost explode, standing there in my panty hose and dress and heels with my make-up compact in my hand and my jewelry in a bag in my hand that I am trying to put on, because they are telling me I no longer have and appointment for DD, they cower away a little bit staring up at the very angry now 6 foot tall (remember those heels) big gal glaring at her with laser beams coming out her eyes and then they take her to a vanity and fix her up . They fix up DD in about 20 minutes (updo, make-up, nails, the works, they are quick). And we are merrily on our way to meet DS and DH (Who upon picking up his Tux on Thurs tries it on, only to have me spot a tiny 4 inch tear in the back of the jacket and has had to go there on Sat to pick up new tux because obviously we didn't have enough to worry about). As a last minute thought, that turned out to be a good plan because we didn't eat again until 6 pm, a quick drive through McD's drive through, back home, eat, finish getting the kids dressed, jump in the car and GO!

We drive up to the church in Union City, arrive 10 minutes prior to when we were supposed to be there (can you believe that I got the NOTORIOUS DH to an event on time!?) and then wait. It felt a lot better to be waiting there, on time, than at home! Amazingly the wedding starts on time. DD proudly acts as flower girl and DS does an excellent and very serious job of being Ring Bearer. We finish with a thousand pics. DD, BIL, MIL, SIL, DH, DS, and me etc. ( I am of course the Amazon in the picture....) Then off to reception. It was very nice. It just took the wedding planners SO long to finally let people dance on the dance floor (reception let in at 7 pm, they didn't start the open dancing until about 9:30) that they had just started and I insisted that the kids and I catch a ride home with my Mom and Dad who were also in attendance. DH didn't like that. He was all mad, like a petulant child that I made the kids leave. DS had actually asked to go home. He was tired. He had gotten up early and played all 4 quarters in an hour long soccer game. As well as performing his very serious duty of Ring Bearer (the priest told him to guard the rings and coins (this was a Filippino wedding) with his life, so he was all worried and took it VERY seriously). So I was obliging to take him home and his sister as well, because as luck would have it, we also had to take out team pictures for Soccer on Sunday morning. We had an early time slot to boot! So we left at 9:50 and DH stayed until 11:15 when they turned on the lights and told everyone to go home... So

Sunday we got up early and got our team pics taken (9:30 am) and stayed at the opening day activities for too long. Grandma and Grandpa picked up the kids at lunch and took them out to play at a park. We spent the day at Sports Authority and Tuesday Morning after dropping off the Tuxes at Men's Warehouse. I think DH wanted to do more, but my Asthma was very bad and it was quite restricting in my ability to get around. So I spent more of my Sunday sitting on a bench in Sports Authority than one should have to. I have a husband who quite enjoys shopping... We took the kids to Armadillo Willy's for Dinner and got back after bed time, it was a relief to get home on Sunday night (9:15 pm), and get the kids in bed, until I realized I should have made some flyers for the Home and School Club and set to work on that until about 1:30 am. Now they are printed and distributed and I no longer have to worry about them. So I should finally have at least a little bit of time to get some knitting done.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys looked great! Now go de-stress and do some knitting!

Teenuh said...

I love your dress, that was a good find. Cute pics from the wedding. They did a fantastic job in 20 mins on DD!