Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I finished the never ending pair of Embossed Leaves socks: The upper photo is the true color of the yarn, the lower pictures are a little bluer than what it really looks like. . The last end was woven in on Monday night. They fit nicely, the elastic gives it a nice snugness. I am curious to see how this corn blend fiber will wash up.

Now I can get back to work on the Madeira Shawl. I have apparently finished half of the shawl. It was not long enough so I went back and reread the instructions several times to see if I had missed a repeat but it didn't seem that I had. So I added another repeat of the "house" pattern on each half. It adds about 4 1/2 inches. It still seems like it might be short, but I am worried about running out of yarn. What I need to do is to knit on the edging to the side I have finished and then weigh the yarn and weigh what I have finished and see where the half is.

Ah, should I start a countdown to Stitches on the side of my blog? I can't wait to buy more yarn to stick in my stash and not use! Woo hoo!


Teenuh said...

lol your countdown timer is cracking me up! Tonight I was going to check out at Purlescence and Lisa says very loudly "Do I see $5 about to be owed?!" And I whipped out my gift certificate and said "No you don't!!!!!"

She asked if our favorite knitter was there at your knitting tonight too when I told her your Jordana story. The people that were at Purlescence laughed at your story. She's not married so that totally must have been her date checking up on her!!

Juls said...

well, I have been an utter failure with my vow not to buy more yarn until Stitches. However, I am taking plenty of classes at stitches, so that should keep me totally too busy to get into trouble at stitches!!! right?