Sunday, January 20, 2008

I made it, with room to spare!

I finished the Madeira Stole this morning. With 20 grams of yarn left over! Woo hoo. I could've modified it and put on a longer edging or something. I am just relieved to have not run out of yarn though! I really think the motifs look like little school houses or row houses. The ends are woven in and that sucker if blocked and drying. It is posing on a BRIGHT pink sheet on the living room floor. I really stretched it in length and sacrificed a bit in width for that. I pinned it out lengthwise first, that is the first time I have done that, it was interesting. Usually I pin the 1 side first, then the other side and finish with the ends. Finished size is 22 x 80 (instead of the recommended 26 x 64). I added in all 3 extra motif repeats on both sides below the diamond and over the double row of houses.I was blocking it with string then had a string-tastrophe (known to you as my DD's foot!) and changed over quickly to pins mid block! I am having a hard time taking pictures of the whole thing without the wierd fading off into space/ Star Wars opening look, so once it is all dried out I will take some more pictures when I can move it and post them on my Ravelry page. On to the next project!

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Teenuh said...

Oh! That's beautiful! That yarn felt so nice when you were knitting it, I bet that will be a nice shawl to wear.