Monday, January 14, 2008

Madeira Fun.

Yeah, super fun. So as I said before, I was knitting away on the Madeira Stole and I get to this diamond in the pattern and realize that it was half way. So I look at it and notice that it is, um, kinda short, like 30 inches. So I weighed and I worried. I have added 3 extra repeats of the single motif section of the pattern, adding about 12 inches.

I am/was so paranoid about running out of yarn I weighed that thing like 20 times! I weighed the knitted section and the 2 balls after finishing each repeat. By the time I reached the second repeat I was feeling awfully worried and I took the second ball of yarn and knitted the knitted on edging to the one completed edge.

Well. I weighed it after the third motif and I still had more yarn on the unfinished side than on the finished side, so I am crossing my fingers that I will come out with enough yarn. If the whole weight theory works, I should come out with about 10 grams of yarn left over... It will be a good experiment in the whole weight of yarn theory and consistency in knitting. Until then I will be knitting and sweating bullets in fear of running out of yarn and ripping back to the second extra motif repeat on the first half and re-knitting the other 50 inches again. Keep your needles crossed for me!


Teenuh said...

Oh my fingers are crossed!!

Hey, want a hamster? lol >.<

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