Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pretty as an Albino Peacock

I have cast on for the Pretty as A Peacock Shawl. I have four skeins of the Knitpicks Merino/silk Bare yarn (yeah, OMG 1760 yds! It REQUIRES 1500 yds of fingering/sport wt!) After a few bumps in the start it is going along smoothly. I did not check for errata on this pattern and it turns out there is one very significant error right out of the blocks. The cast on instruction number is wrong! Ha ha, I cast on 3 times, counted the stitches on the chart and realized that the bottom line of the chart and the c.o. instruction were wrong! So I went and looked online and lo and behold it was wrong! I am reading the chart and not the written so there are less errors that I would have encountered, but I think I have learned by lesson, when buying a newer pattern that hasn't been knitted 10,000 times by other knitters always check for errors. Um, duh. Pretty basic isn't it? It also suggested a knitted on cast on and I did that and didn't like it so I did a long tail cast on instead. As of last night I have achieved row 49.

To answer the question of several boggled people: I, who am obsessed with lovely peacock colored yarns, am not making a natural colored shawl. I have a couple of jars of lovely peacock blue and green dyes (picked up at University Art Supply) for wool and silk, which I plan to paint onto the shawl when I am finished, ala this woman's beautiful Peacock Feather's Shawl. I am not sure if I will just graduate it down ward like she did or if I will try to paint in a more detailed feather coloring. The PaaP pattern I am using has longer single feather details than the PFS and might lend more nicely to that, with the colors radiating outward from the eye of the feather. I'll probably have to knit up a sample to test paint and see how the dye takes/bleeds or perhaps turn it over to the hands of my very artistic and paint oriented sister.

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