Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Did I have a yarntastic weekend again? Yes I did. Tina and I went to the opening of Purlessence in Sunnyvale. The new store was very nice and full of the rarely spotted young knitters. There was a lot of Sock Candy and other yummy yarns. We then took a quick trip around the block (well practically it was more like 6 blocks?) to the amazing Yarn Place . Where I picked up some really super awesome beautirific Lace Weight Yarn "Graceful" in a color way that looks like a beautiful summer sunset, called Sherbert ( F03617) and a beautiful color that looks like dusk in the forest "Summer Cafe: with beautiful smokey blue and green colors. I also got 10 skeins of a 70/30 wool acrylic blend black and green tweed. I plan to make a nice cabled sweater for my appreciative son. I also picked up a cone of mystery yarn. It is bright fuschia with white shiny hairs laced through it. It was a mere $5 I couldn't pass on it. I have knit up a swatch and it is pretty fine. 32 sts x 45 rows per 4" and when I washed it and blocked it it had the distinct aroma or animal hair, probably the white haris are angora or mohair I will try to machine was it later and see if it felts so I can figure out what the rest of the pink yarn is made from. After I washed it it was very nice and soft. The only problem left is the yardage guessing game. It makes it hard to decide what to make.

Yesterday I finished the heart baby sweater I redesigned it came out very cute. I like the cardigan look much more than the pull over. I even remebered to sew some ears onto the purple sweater. What next?? I can't decide. I really want to start on something with the new lace weight but I also would like to start on some new socks. I am stting here next to the ball of Trekking and the Lorna's Lace Camo I bought and I can't decide which thing to do first. I am itching to make some socks and I found this wonderful website that is just loaded with socks called Boogie Knits where I spent 20 minutes looking at sock links. Quite enjoyable.

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Teenuh said...

Omg, you totally uploaded pics to this post! That sweater is SO CUTE with the ears! OMG!