Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Here is the completed "Aqua" baby layette set. Modeled below by my daughter's "Cabby Patch Kid" The arms on the doll are pretty short so the sleeves hang off. It has since been blocked so it looks a little smoother. The doll was eager to put on the clothes before they had been blocked.

Yesterday I picked up two skiens of Lorna's Laces "Lorna's Sox" in Camouflage (which you can guess is a brown, green, and black mix) which I have not decided who I am making socks for yet. I may make some for Hubby or my son. I know my son would appreciate it quite a lot more than my husband would, but his feet keep on growing without stopping and soon the socks will be too small. The good news is the small feet only need small socks which work up very quickly.

I have begun working on Fran's Hooded Baby Sweater and I am about 3/4 done. I have about 2 more rows on the bottom and the hood left to finish. It worked up in about 2 hours, so I should be compltely done, sewing it up and weaving in ends and all in about another hour, mkaing it a 3 hour sweater. Super speedy!! I didn't work seed stitch all over. I only worked it at the bottom 6 rows and 2 rows in from each finished edge (not a the seam edges).

I have also made a heart and mini cable cardigan pattern based on a pattern from "Knitted Layettes for Little Darlings" I have changed it from a drop sleeved pullover to a raglan cardi. I am going to use the orignal hat pattern and make socks instead of the booties using a heart k/p based pattern that I have run up the center of the back of the sweater. It will be pink and I hope that I will have the time to finish it before the shower on the 20th. I have only cast on. I had to go buy a new size 3 circular needle because I have size 2 in like 6 lenghts and 4 in interchangables but not ONE single size 3 circular (except dpns and a whole sweater on dpns is not cool!!!)

Now I guess since I didn't make a plan for practice today I better go and get my stuff ready for soccer practice!


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Teenuh said...

Cute cute cute. My 5 hour sweater pales in comparison to your fantastic sweater/hat/booties. I'll have to dress up one of my old CPK's and model the one I knit before I gift it away!!