Thursday, October 26, 2006

Still no socks. I have made and unmade 4 inches of swatch with the pink and yellow lace weight. With no decision made except that I need to use size 3 needles. Well that though decision is over right!?

Nothing to do with knitting but, we went to Disney on Ice last night, that was a completely bizarre show. It started with a London Theme, featuring Peter Pan then 101 Dalmations. Peter Pan was a fairly abridged complete version followed by a weirdly short version of the 101 with almost no story or conflict but featuring 30 or so skaters who danced out with rigs on that had 1 fake "puppiy" dangling off each of the sides of a single actual skating "puppy" which were just hillarious. What was more hillarious was one real puppy with 2 fake puppies on each side (for a total of 5) spinning in circles on the ice. Then we had intermission after which we jump to a drasitcally shorted Little Mermaid, with a giant blow up Urusula that was very funny. The whole thing was over so quick you hardly knew you were watching Little Mermaid before it turned to Lilo and Stitch. That part of the show was way too long and oddly uninteresting. By the end of the night the I felt as if I had endured some Disney induced Schizophrenic episode. The good news is, the kids enjoyed it quite a lot. Although DD kept saying, "This isn't like the story, they cut out...." and complaining that her hands were sticky from the WAY overpriced cotton candy. DS watched the whole show and finished with the comment, "My favorite part was the end when Micky mouse came out." Wow, the show was like an hour and 20 minutes and he enjoyed like 2 minutes of it best.

Maybe in the next 24 hours I will actually knit and actual item that will reach completion.

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