Sunday, October 22, 2006

I have finished the first sock in Trekking. It looks terrific. I have started the second one, though I am only about 3 inches up from the toe. Had a bad night. Slammed the dog's tail in the car door. Spent lots of time and money at emergency vet getting it fixed. I think maybe I should make a tail cover for the dog. The last 3 inches of the tail are shaved off bald.

So I think this is the fist and last pair of Trekking socks I am going to make. It was SO hard to find the starting spot for my second sock in the ball of yarn. I had to wind past about 20 yds of yarn to find the best matching spot. Even then though it is still different. You'll see the difference when I get those photos posted. It really isn't the nicest or softest yarns out there either. Despite the fantastic colors after knitting with some Lorna's lace sock yarn, the Trekking feels like burlap. Well. Maybe I can get into the computer room and get some pics uploaded.


Oberon said...

.......without an open are merely a slave.....without choice.

Teenuh said...

lol look at your wacko that posted! (and not just me!)

I suppose to appreciate the Trekking yarn you'll have to knit an entrelac sock? Maybe that's where you went wrong! ;) I'll have to see what I think of my Trekking when I get to it. I can't wait to see pics though. :)

Sorry again about Sam's tail. :( You could look for a willy warmer pattern and use that! haha At least it wouldn't be for an object subject to shrinkage. *snort*